Personal Technologies for Affective Health

AffecTech brings together human-computer interaction researchers, biomedical engineers and clinical psychologists, who are embarking on an innovative research project to develop a high-impact software and hardware platform to tackle the complex issue of affective disorders.
For more information please see our flyer here, produced prior to our launch event.
AffecTech is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network funded by European Commission H2020.
Our international research project is progressing cutting-edge developments in mobile, wearable and personalised health technologies. It aims to deliver an effective low cost technology platform to help sufferers of affective health conditions (depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder).
The AffecTech project marks a significant shift from current wearable technologies, capturing emotional responses that require interpreting by health professionals, towards developing a new self-help technology for visualising, exploring and regulating emotions in daily life.