Plux event

Fundamentals of biosignal analysis and entrepreneurship

AffecTech researchers recently completed an intensive training event (5th-11th February 2018) with AffecTech partner Plux.

The training programme offered the fundamentals of biosignal processing and biosensing to AffecTech researchers via a set of invited speaker talks, hands-on sessions, and a final prototyping hackathon.

The sessions in Lisbon, Portugal, involved a variety of perspectives such as robotics, virtual reality, advanced machine learning techniques and entrepreneurship, and involved contributions from the AffecTech consortium, such as KTH, Università di Pisa, Universitat Jaume I and Philips, as well as a number of external guests.

As part of the eventful week, AffecTech Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) received practical biosensing experience from Plux with every AffecTech ESR receiving a unit of Plux’s DIY biosensing platform, BITalino (pictured in use at the event). BITalino is an affordable biosensing platform developed by Plux that, inspired by projects such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, brings the concept of ‘Do it Yourself’ science to the biosensing community. BITalino, which is an open access initiative, can be a launch pad for researchers working with biosignals from theoretical or processing perspectives that would like to contribute to the biosignal acquisition stage by actually measuring, designing protocols and interacting with the sensors.

Source: Plux (Miquel Alfaras). Image courtesy of Plux.