AffecTech has been featured in the EC online magazine Horizon, in an article exploring mobile apps and wearable tech for mental health: The mobile apps and wearable tech tapping into users’ emotions to tackle depression and anxiety.

Professor Corina Sas, of Lancaster University, UK, lead investigator for the AffecTech project, is interviewed discussing how AffecTech is working to create innovative mobile technologies that can empower people affected by depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

“The idea is to support people in capturing emotional responses but then to use new types of interactive technologies that can help people make sense of this,” says Professor Sas in the article.

The article also features other developments in the field of mobile and wearable tech for mental health.

AffecTech, which includes research partners including tech company Philips, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and Oxford University, is committed to developing innovative and engaging personal technologies that promote self-reflection in daily life, inspiring people to make positive changes via meaningful activities.


AffecTech is established with support from Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks funded by European Commission H2020. For more information visit: