Take part in a public survey of mobile mental health technologies

By Dionne Bowie

By now, you have hopefully heard a little about AffecTech. We are a multidisciplinary Innovative Training Network (ITN) made up of early stage researchers, practitioners, developers, and industry and academic experts. Our mission is to develop personal technologies to help people with affective disorders to better understand and regulate their emotions. In doing so, we hope to advance the theory, knowledge, and evidence base of affective disorders and the design, use and uptake of innovative affective technologies.

A key part of AffecTech’s mission and our success lays not only in the collaboration of our diverse members and stakeholders, but crucially, in the input and contribution of you – members of the public. Your ideas and voice in the discussion are so important to ensure that our design, development and research processes are truly inclusive, user-driven and reflective of user needs and preferences.

If you have been wondering how you may be able to get involved with the work of AffecTech, now is your chance. As a part of my PhD research, I am conducting an online survey gathering the views of the public on the use of mobile technologies for mental healthcare and support.

‘Mobile technologies’ refers to portable digital devices including mobile phones, smartphones and wearable devices (e.g. Fitbit, Apple watch). These devices may be used for monitoring health, setting and tracking diet and fitness goals, and supporting the delivery of medical treatment. Recently, there has been great interest in the use of mobile technologies for the delivery of mental healthcare and support. It is hoped that these technologies will increase access to mental healthcare and allow individuals with mental health problems (such as affective disorders like depression and anxiety) to better manage their mental health and wellbeing. To explore the feasibility of mobile technologies for mental health, the survey will explore the views of the public regarding the use of these technologies.

The survey is open to all adult members of the public, including persons with or without mental health problems. You are invited to take part because I am interested in your thoughts and opinions on this new healthcare field. Your answers will be completely anonymous and confidential.

If you are interested in finding out more, please take a few minutes to visit:

You can always return later to complete the survey in your own time. Please send me an email at if you have any questions.

Thank you! 

Dionne Bowie is a PhD Psychology Research Fellow at Lancaster University and Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, partners of AffecTech. AffecTech is a multidisciplinary research and development project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks. AffecTech brings together academic and industry partners across Europe in the research and development of accessible and affordable personal technologies for affective disorders. For more information on AffecTech and our partners, please visit