Many thanks to AffecTech Consortium partner, Bogazici Universitesi for hosting our latest well received training event in Istanbul, Turkey.

AffecTech Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) / PhD fellows benefited from a week-long series of informative workshops, hands on activities, lectures and presentations on wearables sensors for the public and private sector. Prestigious speakers from across the AffecTech Consortium participated, as well as contributors from our AffecTech associate partners, in the fields of health and wearables technologies.

Contributors included Beste Akkuzu, Solution Architect at Ericsson, covering Evolution in Mobile Networks and Healthcare Solutions; also Eren Soyak, Co-Founder at LifeMote Networks, presenting Data analysis for home networks used for Pervasive Health.

Professor Cem Ersoy, of Bogazici Universitesi and Assistant Professor Hande Alemdar of Middle East Technical University, engaged students in topics ranging from Pervasive Health using Smart Sensory Systems, and Human behavior recognition in smart environments.

In this active research and training week, ESRs wore Empatica E4 wearables, measuring data including Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), during the week in order to have immersive experience of wearables for health, as well as involvement in assessment and collection of data, in order to strengthen their insights in the areas of emotional regulation and personalised technologies.

As well as working with real data, using machine-learning algorithms on the data, this data created in such unique circumstances becomes available in order to trigger new insights and potential new collaborative research activities, as part of AffecTech research into innovative technologies for affective health.

As well as the intensive week’s activities, including group and individual presentations to professors and other senior academics, also thanks to Professor Heather Iles-Smith (Leeds NHS Trust), relaxing emotion regulation sessions were on the agenda, in the form of Mindfulness and Yoga.

Alongside topics ranging from smart phones sensing frameworks, activity recognition based on acceleration and gyroscope sensors, analysis methods for wearable computing such as exploratory data analysis, hierarchical clustering and self-organising maps, this latest extensive training programme covered skills training in communications and engagement with the private sector and the public, delivered by expert practitioners.

As part of its social impact goals, AffecTech also aligned its latest training event in Istanbul with support for WHO’s 2018 World Mental Health Day, which again this year, is making a valuable contribution in raising awareness about mental health in society. This year’s WHO campaign highlights issues affecting young people’s mental health in a changing world, and calls for better understanding and more investment in support for young persons’ mental health.

About AffecTech

AffecTech is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network funded by European Commission H2020.


Courtesy of Bogazici Universitesi.