The 9th Reflect Symposium has taken place at Philips Research’s facility in Eindhoven, Netherlands. This yearly symposium shares the work of PhD students with other researchers and fosters cooperation between departments and institutions.

The Philips PhD Community (PPC) organised the symposium, which is a student organisation of PhD students within Philips. 20 PhD students took part and presented their research with a pitch presentation and held a poster session. Philips Research has been hosting approximately 10 Marie-Curie Fellows involved in over four Horizon 2020 projects with four permanently based at Philips Research.

Two AffecTech Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) are currently at AffecTech partner Philips Research for their secondments, which form part of their training and research experience – Pavel Karpashevich (pictured below) (Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan, Sweden) and Desirée Colombo (Universitat Jaume I De Castellon, Spain).

Hristo Valev (top right), AffecTech ESR situated at Philips Research and Pavel Karpashevich represented AffecTech at the event. Hristo is also part of the PPC and was responsible for the organisation of the event.

The symposium, on 1st November 2018, included talks given by Philips senior scientists and a panel discussion. Frank Wartena, Head of the Program Office introduced the audience to the idea of market excellence. Ron Dotsch, Senior Research Scientist at the department of Brain, Behavior and Cognition, discussed the implications of studying facial features in connection to personality traits.

The finishing part of the event – panel discussion focused on the differences between doing research in academia and industry. The discussion was facilitated by two guest speakers – Prof. Ines Lopez Arteaga (department of mechanical engineering, TU/e) and Benno Hendrix (In-Body Systems, Philips Research).


AffecTech is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network funded by European Commission H2020, the research and innovation programme of the European Union. The AffecTech project is an international collaborative network that advances personal health technologies for affective disorders – depression, anxiety and bipolar, and aims to deliver an effective low cost technology platform to help people with these conditions. AffecTech benefits from 11 partner institutions and employs 15 Early Stage Researchers, who work full-time on the AffecTech project.