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By AffecTech researcher Dionne Bowie

In difficult times, it is important to be understanding and kind to ourselves and others. This is self–compassion. It involves:

  1. Mindfulness: Being aware of negative thoughts and emotions. Observing these openly and without exaggeration.
  2. Common humanity: Remembering that we are all going through this difficult time in some way. You are not alone.
  3. Self–kindness: Being gentle with yourself. Being understanding of difficulties, without judgement or criticism.

AffecTech Supports Mental Health Awareness Week 

AffecTech is supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 (May 18-24) which this year has the theme of acts of kindness. As the world responds to the Covid-19 pandemic, mental health awareness has become an important consideration. Small acts of kindness and self-compassion can make a difference in our daily lives, helping to alleviate anxieties and boosting our mental health.