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AffecTech’s work on personal technologies for mental health has been in the spotlight at DIS 2020


AffecTech was pleased to have a major presence at DIS 2020, the leading ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems.

The theme for DIS 2020, the international, interdisciplinary conference for the design and development of interactive systems, was “More than Human-Centred Design”, focusing on advances in design and Human Computer Interaction that help shape the future of this exciting area.

AffecTech’s involvement at DIS 2020 included:

  • 4 Papers (1 Honourable Mention Award)
  • 1 Doctoral Consortium Contribution
  • 1 Workshop: 3 Talks from AffecTech academics (keynote, and 2 Industry-focused), and Workshop Contributions from 7 ESRs (Early Stage Researchers)

Paper: Body matters: Exploration of the human body as a resource for the design of meditation technologies
Honourable Mention Award – top 5% of submissions
Claudia Dauden Roquet, Corina Sas

Paper: ManneqKIT: A kinesthetic empathic tool to communicate lived experiences of depression through bodily postures
Corina Sas, Kobi Hartley, Muhammad Umair

Paper: ThermoPixels: An Electronic DIY kit for co-designing arousal-based interfaces through hybrid crafting
Muhammad Umair, Corina Sas, Miquel Alfaras

Paper: Material food probes: Personalized 3D printed flavors for intimate communication
Tom Gayler, Corina Sas, Vaiva Kalnikaitė

Doctoral Consortium: Designing with the Body: Addressing Emotion Regulation and Expression
Charles Windlin

DIS Workshop: Mental wellbeing: Future agenda drawing from design, HCI and big data

Corina Sas, Kristina Hook, Gavin Doherty, Pedro Sanches, Tim Leufkens, Joyce Westerink

This workshop has been also collocated with AffecTech’s 3rd Conference: 6-7 July, with the second day having a predominant Industry focus.

Keynote: The ethics of big data for digital wellbeing and mental health
Corina Sas

Industry Talks

Reflection on SilverCloud Platform
Machine learning in mental health: exploring engagement and efficacy
Gavin Doherty

Philips research on affective technologies: Current and future challenges
Joyce Westerink

ESRs contributions

Emotion Technology: Falling Short
Miquel Alfaras

Exploring the opportunities for shape-changing technologies in the affective health domain
Pavel Karpashevich, Pedro Sanches, Vasiliki Tsaknaki

Designing with the Body: Addressing Emotion Regulation and Expression
Charles Windlin

Transdisciplinary ethical principles and standards for mobile mental health
Dionne Bowie-DaBreo, Sandra I Sünram-Lea, Heather Iles-Smith, Corina Sas

New Design Methods Informed by Technology Acceptance Models
Camille Nadal, Corina Sas, Gavin Doherty

Representing and Interpreting Affective Data
Muhammad Umair

Collective Expression and the Interactional Perspective
William Primett

Also break-out group discussions captured in Miro

DIS 2020 was a virtual conference.

About AffecTech

AffecTech is established with support from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) via the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 (H2020) research and innovation programme. AffecTech is a European Innovative Training Network funded under Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 722022.