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Katherina Martin Abello, Head of Smart Technologies and M20 Architecture, at AffecTech project partner Philips, presents her industry webinar Healthy Minds through Smart Technologies – talking about the present and future of eMentalHealth.



Katherina’s webinar has been specially created for AffecTech, and addresses the following 5 key topics:

1. How digital programs can help fight the Mental Health Pandemic
2. Learn main steps to develop eMental Health programs
3. Basic components of a digital program for emotional, behavioural and mental health
4. Innovation themes and smart technologies to unlock value for people and professionals
5. Future directions

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Katherina Martin Abello

Prior to her role at Philips, Katherina was formerly CEO of Jamzone, a digital health technology lab which developed Stressjam, an award-winning VR + biofeedback game for stress management. Previously to Jamzone, she was the Chief Digital Product & Innovation Officer of the Trimbos Institute in The Netherlands, the National Institute of Mental Health and Addiction. Mrs Abello’s digital health experience, also includes as co-author of national and international e-Health publications, such as Joint Action on Mental Health and Wellbeing. Depression, Suicide Prevention and E-Health. Situation Analysis and Recommendations for Action, for the European Union.