Workshop Structure

An online Workshop originally planned as part of the 2020 ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS 2020)

This free AffecTech workshop over 2 half days offers an interdisciplinary forum of discussion for academics and practitioners interested in shaping the HCI agenda on mental wellbeing. The workshop will involve before, during and after activities.

Before the workshop

Participants will be required to read the accepted contributions and prepare a 3 min overview of the key challenges and opportunities in this space, also where possible related to their own work.

Workshop schedule

Day 1 activities
13:00 – Welcome, introduction and keynote by Corina Sas.
13:30 – Break-out session to discuss keynote and discuss in plenum.
14:00 – Coffee Break
14:15 – First theme: Current and future challenges with short provocations.
Speakers: Tim Leufkens & Joyce Westerink, Dionne Bowie-DaBreo et al, Fuji Robledo et al, Chad Cyrzon, Giovanna Vilaza
14:30 – Break-out to discuss provocations then come back and report. Notes are taken in
15:15 – Break
15:30 – Physical exercise.
16:00 – Second theme: Critique current design methodologies and frame new ones.
Speakers: Muhammad Umair, Camille Nadal et al, Charles Windlin, Miquel Alfaras
16:15 – Break-outs discussing provocations come back and report. Notes are taken in
17:00 – Summary, extract themes, wrap-up.
17:15 – End.
19:00 – Digital Afterwork. Socializing [Optional]

Day 2 activities

Industry focus

9:00 – Welcome to the second day, starting with a physical activity: laughing yoga session.
9:15 – A talk by Gavin Doherty on SilverCloud Health platform for vulnerable groups.
9:45 – Third theme: New technologies.
Speakers: Janghee Cho & Stephen Voida, Mengqi Jiang et al, Pavel Karpashevich et al, William Primett
10:00 – Break-out to discuss provocations then come back and report. Notes are taken in
10:30 – Break
10:45 – World café session on future-oriented thinking to design a roadmap for tackling current and future challenges in research and industry
11:30 – Break
11:45 – Reporting back from World café sessions
12:15 – Wrap up
12:30 – End

Post workshop activities

We envisage that the outcome of this workshop can have a strong influential impact on shaping a future HCI research agenda. To this end, we aim to prepare a journal publication summarising the outcome of this workshop, and to follow up with a special issue in a prestigious journal for maximising the workshop’s impact.

Email address for submissions:

For more information about this workshop visit the DIS 2020 Workshop page.


AffecTech is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network funded by European Commission H2020